What happens if Luongo doesn’t want to make up with Vancouver?

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks’ blogger Richard Hodges talks about the strange goalie situation in Vancouver after the trade of Cory Schneider to the Devils for the 8th overall pick. Creating a perplexing situation for Roberto Luongo in the past year, he still isn’t back in the fold. After being left for dead with his departure painfully strung out over 12 long months, it’s no small detail to get him to re-commit to the Vancouver Canucks.

State of the Canucks: What’s gone wrong? What has to change!

NWSB Canucks Insider Bryan McFarlane talks about the current state of the Vancouver hockeyt team and where they stand in relation to the NHL Playoffs. He points out that Alain Vigneault needs to stick to one guy in goal, and he votes Roberto Luongo, but regardless, someone needs to be traded sooner rather than later. Could it be Cory Schneider on the block? This issue seems to keep getting brushed up under the rug, but it’s been the elephant in the room for months.

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