Seahawks running backs 2013 stat line projections

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks Blogger J.D Burke breaks down the team’s fantasy football stat lines & projects some fantasy football league numbers in his first installment of his Seahawks 2013 roster predictions. Last season the Seahawks backfield was a one-man show, with guest appearances from the supporting cast. Pete Carroll and Darrell Bevell used Marshawn Lynch as the primary ball-carrier. This year Christine Michael, Robert Turbin, Michael Robinson and Spencer Ware factor in.

Seahawks 2013 training camp: Position battles to watch

NWSB Insider & Seattle Seahawks blogger Brett Bivens tells us today what he’s expecting the five best position roster battles to be at the 2013 Seahawks training camp at the VMAC. Out of all the position battles the 5 that Brett is most looking forward to are tight ends, guards, quarterbacks, running backs and wide receivers. On the bubble Michael Robinson, Spencer Ware, Sean McGrath, Paul McQuistan, John Moffitt, Robert Turbin, Tarvaris Jackson & Brady Quinn.

Do the Seahawks have the balls to keep everyone happy?

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks’ blogger Jonas Hyde talks about the logjam that is the Seattle Seahawks wide receiver position. He points out the company line is the addition of Percy Harvin will create better match ups for Golden Tate, Doug Baldwin, Sidney Rice & Zach Miller, and that the plan is for Tate to get the ball more than he did last season. Buckle your safety belts and put your trays in the upright position, watching 2013 unfold for the Seahawks will be nothing short of exciting.

The Seahawks 5 horsemen: Who stays, who goes and what they offer

Seattle Seahawks blogger Brandon Choate brings us a nice look at what the Seahawks have at running back. Between the physicality that Marshawn Lynch, Robert Turbin, Christine Michael, Spencer Ware and Michael Robinson bring to the table, there are only very slight difference between them all.

Seattle 2013 OTA’s Observations: Championship offseason

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson talks about the first two days of Seatle’s OTAs. Russell Wilson, Marshawn Lynch, and Percy Harvin (to name just a fraction of the offensive stars on the roster), give Seattle huge potential heading into 2013. Their defense isn’t too shabby, either, as the Legion of Boom will be back in full force while the defensive line continues to shape-up nicely.

Defending the Seahawks 2013 NFL Draft: Running Back

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks’ blogger Jordin Ereth talks about Seattle’s 2nd round draft pick Christine Michael. There are a few ways to react to this pick. One way is to question it like every other analyst seems to do whenever Pete and John make a selection in the early rounds. Or, you could go with the seemingly more popular “I have faith in the front office, considering their track record in previous drafts.” Jordin, however, tries to get inside the genius of Pete and John.

Examining the Seahawks against the NFC West

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks Blogger Erin Acacio breaks down the Seahawks 2013 NFC West schedule. With three prime time games, one against each NFC West foe, the Seahawks have a chance to really make a name for themselves in the rest of the country. The Hawks often get overlooked by an east coast biased national sports media market. The extra “love” this year will finally give them a chance to be seen, and heard nationally.

Seattle Seahawks 2013 personnel in review: the class of 2012

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Jordin Ereth gives you his analysis of Seattle’s draft picks that ended up impressing instead of disappointing Seattle fans. Mel claimed that Bruce Irvin was more of a late-second round value, Bobby Wagner could have been taken a round later, and he questioned the Russell Wilson pick, considering the Seahawks recently brought in Matt Flynn to likely be the starter.

The five biggest reasons the Seahawks are out of the playoffs

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brett Bivens analyzes the five reasons he thinks the Seahawks got bounced early from the playoffs. Pete had some questionable calls during the game, but the biggest offender was not kicking the field goal on 4th and 1 at the 11. That would have at least put the Hawks on the board before halftime. Another one was Marshawn Lynch fumbling the ball. Nothing kills momentum more than a fumble. And that was Lynch’s second in two weeks.

Two straight 50 point games has Hawks one win from Playoffs

NWSB Insider and Seahawks’ Blogger Ben Tole talks about what to back to back fifty plus point offensive performances have done for the 2012 Seahawks psyche. Jim Harbaugh will have his work cut out for him this week preparing for Marshawn Lynch, Russell Wilson, Golden Tate and the offense. As will Pete Carroll who has to prepare for a similar quarterback in Colin Kapernick .

Seahawks MMQB: Road woes continue as Seahawks drop a heartbreaker in Miami

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brett Bivens breaks down the week 12 matchup between the Seattle Seahawks vs. Miami Dolphins in his Seahawks Monday morning quarterback. Once again rookie quarterback Russell Wilson had a very good game. Despite starting out shaky, Wilson would have, at least, tied the Seahawks record for consecutive completions in a game (Warren Moon: 17). Cmon Doug Baldwin. Make that catch!

Touchdown Seahawks! Golden Tate does something different

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Alistair Corp breaks down the play of the game from the matchup with the New York Jets. Golden Tate has done just about everything for this years Seahawks team except kick a FG. This past marvel was a TD pass on a bootleg screen to a wide open Sidney Rice. The play helped the Seahawks beat the New York Jets.

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