Biggest ‘What-If’ questions in Seattle Mariners history

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners’ blogger Jeff Budke brings us the newest installment to the NWSB page, the hypothetical What If questions, Mariners Version. Of course Jeff touches on the what if Junior, Randy, and Alex Rodriguez could have stayed together, but he get’s down to the real business at hand, like what if we never had to put up with the Bill Bavasi years. Or, what would Mariners life been like without the one and only Ichiro Suzuki?

Hey Jack Z? Who’s on first? Ackley’s on second. I don’t know is on third

Seattle Mariners blogger Danny Ferguson believe we should get over the fact that this isn’t 2001 anymore, the rebuilding is actually happening and isn’t just the lip service that we have grown accustomed to and enjoy watching baseball in the northwest. Check out this actual made up conversation between Eric Wedge and Jack Zduriencik:

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