Portland Trail Blazers vs. Charlotte Bobcats prediction and preview

Kemba Walker Charlotte Bobcats

Bryant Knox previews the Portland Trail Blazers Dec. 3 matchup with the Charlotte Bobcats. Portland and Charlotte are both rebuilding, but it’s safe to say that the Blazers havve more star power. Charlotte’s leading scorer is Kemba Walker, but LaMarcus Aldridge, Nicolas Batum and Damian Lillard are all averaging more points. The key matchup in this one is going to be between Walker and Lillard.

Portland Trail Blazers vs. Washington Wizards prediction and preview

Trail Blazers vs. Wizards

Bryant Knox previews the Portland Trail Blazers Nov. 28 matchup with the Washington Wizards. Portland is coming off a disappointing loss to the Detroit Pistons, and a bounce-back win is needed against the worst team in the NBA. The battle between the starters and the battle between the bench units are two matchups to watch out for in Wednesday’s game. Meyers Leonard and Nene are both day-to-day.

Minnesota Timberwolves vs. Portland Trail Blazers prediction and preview

LaMarcus Aldridge, Kevin Love

Bryant Knox previews the Portland Trail Blazers Nov. 23 matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves. PDX fans have had this game circled on their calendars since the NBA released their schedule this past offseason, but with Brandon Roy no longer available for this contest, it appears to be just another game between two struggling division rivals. The key matchup in this one is between Kevin Love and LaMarcus Aldridge. Nicolas Batum nearly became a member of the T-Wolves this past summer.

RiP City impressions: Rookie PG Damian Lillard

Damian Lillard Terry Stotts

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson talks about Damian Lillard’s performance through the early party of 2012. The young point guard from Weber State has been impressive so far as he has shown all it takes to be a standout point guard at the NBA level. Through four games, Lillard has played an average of 37 minutes, shot just over 40% from the field, made roughly 94% of his free throws, and scored 19.3 points per game.

Portland Trail Blazers decline options on Williams, Smith & Babbitt

Luke Babbitt Oregonian

NWSB Writer Bryant Knox recaps the Portland Trail Blazers’ most recent roster moves. Nearly 24 hours before the team’s season opener, the Blazers opted to decline team options on Elliot Williams, Luke Babbitt and Nolan Smith for the 2013-14 season. All three players have the potential to make a roster next season, but at this point, it doesn’t look like it’s going to be in PDX.

Portland Trail Blazers: Bench roster, strengths & weaknesses

Trailblazers vs. Suns

NWSB Writer Bryant Knox talks about the strengths and weaknesses of Portland’s bench heading into the 2012/2013 NBA season. Heading into the new year, the Blazers are going to be one of the youngest teams in the league from the starting lineup to the 12th man, which should create for a number of ups and downs throughout the 2012-13 season. How will J.J. Hickson, Adam Morrison, Joel Freeland do in 2012?

Portland Trail Blazers: Starting Lineup, strengths & weaknesses

LaMarcus Aldridge

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Byrant Knox gives us his 2012 starting lineup strength and weaknesses breakdown for each player. With Meyers Leonard, Wesley Matthews at SG, LaMarcus Aldridge at PF, Rookie Damian Lillard at PG, and Nicolas Batum at SF RIP City has some real great players to build around. One thing we know pretty well at this point, is what each starting player brings to the table.

Predicting the Portland Trail Blazers offense under Terry Stotts

LaMarcus Aldridge

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Bryant Knox weighs in with some predictions for the offense in Rip City in 2012 under Terry Stotts. The season could be full of rough patches, as the team will enter with a young, inexperienced roster, but know right now that even if the team can’t find success right away, they’re going to put on display a far more entertaining brand of basketball in 2013. The utilization of LaMarcus Aldridge should be nothing new.

Where does PDX’s LaMarcus Aldridge rank among NBA power forwards?

Aldridge & Roy

NWSB Insider and Portland Trailblazers blogger Bryant Knox weighs in on the NBA’s best power forwards today and asks the question is LaMarcus Aldridge among the best? When Brandon Roy was still in Portland, he was the man and Aldridge was his sidekick. Not any more. Aldridge’s career-high 21.8 points and 8.7 rebounds in 2011 came in a season where the Blazers ran the slowest pace in the NBA. Watch out 2012.

My starting five – Portland Trail Blazers all time starters

Brandon Roy

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Jon Irwin tells us the five players that make up his all time starting team in the next chapter of our Moments In Time series on Northwest sports teams. The players mentioned on this list include: Bill Walton, Brandon Roy, Scottie Pippen, Rasheed Wallace and Clyde Drexler. That sounds like a dream team to me!

Who fills the gap at Center for the Portland Trail Blazers?


NWSB Writer Jonathan Irwin gives you his take on who can fill the role at center for the Portland Trail Blazers. It’s been a whirlwind week for the Portland Trail Blazers. Desperately trying to fill the void at center, it was announced Monday the team’s offer to RFA Roy Hibbert is going to be matched by Indiana. Then comes Wednesday, when it was announced that Euro league big man Joel Freeland will officially be making his way to Portland on a three-year deal.

Predicting the Portland Trail Blazers’ 2012 starting lineup

LaMarcus Aldridge, Portland Blazers

NWSB Insider and Portland Trail Blazers blogger Byrant Knox gives us his 2012 projections and predictions for the Blazers starting lineup in the fall. Unless the Blazers pick up a big man in free agency, expect the youngsters to make starting debuts. The stating center spot in Portland goes to Meyers Leonard, Wesley Matthews at SG, LaMarcus Aldridge at PF, Rookie Damian Lillard at PG, and Nicolas Batum at SF.

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