Moments In Time: Our Choices! The Best Canucks Draft Picks

Vancouver Canucks blogger C-Mac dips into the Moments In Time series at NWSB for his next blog post about the Vancouver Canucks best ever NHL draft picks. He ranks them from 5 thru 1. Kevin Bieksa, Stan Smyl, Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin, Pavel Bure and fan favorite Harold Snepsts all make the list. Would you make any changes to this list? Who would you add?

Putting Vancouver’s Daniel Sedin under the spotlight

Canucks blogger Steve Lee brings us a good piece on the Vancouver Canucks today. Daniel Sedin is under the spotlight for the Canucks, who points out Vancouver fans are waiting for Daniel to start producing on a nightly basis.

The Vancouver Canucks and Florida Panthers are Friends with Benefits

Canucks blogger points out there’s a massive history of trades between the Vancouver Canucks and Florida Panthers in the NHL. As shocking as the timing of the David Booth trade was, the fact the deal occured with the Panthers was about as easy to predict as the crowd reaction when Roberto Luongo lets in a goal. This time its David Booth for Marco Sturm and Mikael Samuelsson…

Aftermath of the Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup Runs: 1994 vs. 2011

Vancouver Canucks insider C-Mac tells us the 2011/12 version of the Canucks look well capable of avoiding the path taken by the post-’94 Canucks vintage, and the blueprint appears sound. The talent is there in Roberto Luongo, Daniel Sedin, Henrik Sedin and with another massive boost yet to come with the re-addition of the all-world Ryan Kesler.

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Best Foreign Canucks Part 2 (Non-Swedish Edition!)

Vancouver Canucks writer C-Mac loves the international flavor of his Canucks. In part two he takes a look at the greatest NON-Swedish players to have suited up for Vancouver, and there has been a long list to choose from. Pavel Bure, Igor Larionov, Jyrki Lumme, Sami Salo to name a few…

Vancouver Canucks 2011/2012 Rookie Breakdown – Possible Impacts?!

Vancouver sports insider Steve Lee takes a look at the freshmen that may have a chance at cracking the rotation and seeing some ice time in a Vancouver Canucks uniform this season, Cody Hodgson, Eddie Lack, Mike Duco, and Nicklas Jensen are only a few of the “rookies” that appear to have a chance of staying with the club come opening night…

Top Five Canucks Enforcers With Skill In Team History

Listen up Canucks fans, we’ve got a good read here for you. Fun take by C-Mac as he weighs in with his top five enforcers and fighters with SKILL in Vancouver Canucks history…

My Top Five Players in Vancouver Canucks History

Listen up Canucks fans, we’ve got a good read here for you. Fun take by Matt Larkin as he weighs in with his top five players in Vancouver Canucks history…
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