Is De’Anthony Thomas a Heisman candidate in 2012?

NWSB Insider and Oregon Ducks blogger Bryant Knox breaks down De’Anthony Thomas’ chances of winning the Heisman Trophy in 2012. De’Anthony Thomas is one of the most exciting players in all of college football, but nine weeks into the year, the Oregon Ducks megastar has fallen off the map a bit when it comes to true Heisman contention. The success of Kenjon Barner is a big reason why.

My favorite Oregon Ducks websites on the www

NWSB Insider and Oregon Ducks blogger Bryant Knox stops by today to give you his favorite Ducks go to websites when he needs team coverage, press conferences, breaking Pac 12 and college football news and more. Bryant lists websites he is sure will give you a variety of up-to-date information as well as articles that will keep you full of Ducks info. Northwest Sports Beat, Oregonlive, 750thegame, make the list.

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