And the award for the Ducks biggest Pac 12 rival goes to?

NWSB Editor and Writer talks about the University of Oregon’s biggest rival when it comes to the college sporting world. Families become divided, friends become enemies, and people who would never had made contact in life end up screaming at the tops of their lungs, denouncing one another because of affiliation with a rival team. Chip Kelly, Steve Sarkisian, Mike Riley, and Lane Kiffin make Pac 12 rivalries very interesting.

Oregon Fans Perspective: Top 5 reasons why I hate the UW Huskies

Oregon Ducks blogger the Crazy Quacker weighs in with the top 5 reasons he hates the Washington Huskies football team so much. It’s Pac 12 rivalry week folks. Chris Polk vs. LaMichael James, Keith Price vs. Darron Thomas. Talk to any Oregon fan over 18 years old and I guarantee we know the history of Rich Brooks and the Kenny Wheaton play.

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