Utah vs. Oregon State Beavers week 8 game balls & stats

NWSB Insider and Oregon St. Beavers blogger Rick Stella after each week of the regular season and possibly during a bowl game or BCS playoffs should the Beavs be so lucky will stop by and bring you his OSU game balls. Balls are awarded to the Beavers offensive MVP Storm Woods. On defense it’s Michael Doctor, who helped to seal a Beaver victory.

Oregon State Beavers injury report: Sean Mannion to dress down in Week 8

NWSB Insider and Oregon State Beavers football blogger Jon Irwin reports on today’s news that Sean Mannion will dress down in Week 8 when the Beavers take on Utah in Corvallis. The news comes as an absolute shock to Beaver Nation, as Mannion is just eight days removed from knee surgery in which he was supposed to be out “indefinitely.”

5 Reasons Why Oregon State Lost Badly to Utah

NWSB insider Jason Green breaks down the week 9 matchup between Oregon State Beavers and the Utah Utes on Saturday, October 29th, 2011. The Beavers’ defense had no answers for Utah RB John White IV, for OSU Sean Mannion was good but not great.

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