Fearless Predictions: Oregon State football

NWSB Insider and Oregon State Beavers Blogger James Crabtree-Hannigan gives us five fearless predictions heading into the 2013 college football season. First and foremost, Sean Mannion will keep the starting job over Cody Vaz. Also, at the end of the season, expect the Beavs to take down the Stanford Cardinal. Along the way, look for Terron Ward and Victor Bolden to have big years.

Oregon St. Beavers vs. Stanford Cardinal: What went wrong for OSU?

During any losing week, NWSB Insider and Oregon St. Beavers football blogger Rick Stella will stop by and bring you his What Went Wrong With The Beavs piece. The slow start, coupled with the disappointing 4th quarter, ultimately doomed the Beavers on Saturday. It’s hard to blame the game completely on Cody Vaz’s errors, but it has started some grumblings among fans, and the clamoring for Sean Mannion’s return could take place any day now.

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