*My* five favorite things about Oregon’s new football facility

Photo: Oregon Ducks

NWSB Editor Bryant Knox breaks down what some of the most impressive features are inside the Oregon Ducks’ new football facility. Head coach Mark Helfrich has a room that can turn his glass walls dark with a button. Players such as Marcus Mariota and De’Anthony Thomas now have two more practice fields, as well as two theatres to watch film. The locker room also looks like something straight out of Star Wars.

New Oregon Ducks uniforms for 2012 just released

The Oregon Ducks will be sporting a new look in 2012. Photo: Oregon Ducks

NWSB Editor and Writer Chris Anderson gives you a look at Oregon’s new uniforms for 2012 and beyond. The release ends all the hype and speculation surrounding the new uniforms and gives Duck fans around the nation yet another opportunity to invest in their favorite college football team.

I’m a die-hard fan of Oregon Ducks football because…

Autzen Stadium

NWSB Insider and Oregon Ducks blogger Bryant Knox tells us why he’s a sold out 100% Ducks football fan for life. One of the best reasons to root for this team is that they have a strong backing whether they’re winning or losing. The bright and colorful Nike uniform combinations have become a trademark of the team, and ask anybody who’s ever been to Autzen Stadium why they love the U of O Ducks.

Phil Knight and his relationship with the Oregon Ducks

Phil Knight's relationship with the University of Oregon has been well-documented. Photo: oregonlive.com

NWSB Editor and Writer Chris Anderson talks about the relationship Phil Knight has with the University of Oregon. From his days as a track athlete at the University to the generous donations he has provided them without the years, there is perhaps no donor in the nation that is more intricately and controversially tied to his former program.

Oregon Ducks Football: The five best uniform combinations

Ducks All Whites

NWSB Insider and Oregon Ducks football blogger Bryant Knox weighs in with an opinionated take on the 5 BEST Ducks uniform combinations in recent years. LaMichael James sporting a Nike Pro Combat uniform proved to be hands down the team’s best look of the 2011 college football season. You’ve got to love the Ducks who have become known for their uniforms and their cheerleaders.

Oregon Ducks football: The five worst uniform combinations

U of O vs. ASU 2008

NWSB Insider and Oregon Ducks football blogger Bryant Knox weighs in with an opinionated take on the 5 worst Ducks uniform combinations in recent years. The Ducks have become known for their uniforms and their cheerleaders. There’s just something nauseating about yellow pants, isn’t there? Who forgets the ugliness of the Las Vegas Bowl: Oregon vs. BYU?

The 2012 Seattle Seahawks uniforms and logo gets a “makeover”

New Seahawks Uniform

Seahawks insider Brandon Choate brings us breaking news of the new Seattle Seahawks logo and uniform designs unveiled by Nike at a press conference on Tuesday. The new logo comes with a new alternate uniform that corresponds to the change in the logo. They’re already a hit with players and fans will be crashing stores and sites to buy them from what we hear. Check out our Marshawn Lynch video.

Five BIG Reasons New Uniforms For The Seahawks Will Be A Good Thing

Seahawks Nike concept uniforms

NWSB insider Clinton Bell brings us a fun blog today. He brings us 5 reasons the new Seattle Seahawks uniforms are going to be good. With Nike stepping into the NFL uniform game, everyone knows things are about to change in a major way. The Seahawks new uniforms could bring some new momentum. Will be fun to see Sidney Rice and Earl Thomas running around in new uni’s.

Reasons the 2012 Oregon Ducks Rose Bowl Uniforms are “Cool”

Rose Bowl Uniforms

NWSportsBeat.com Oregon sports blogger Matthew Martz tells us his reasons LaMichael James and the University of Oregon Ducks will sport revamped, technologically advanced uniforms during their Rose Bowl appearance. Nike says that the numbers change colors when the players move, which is just way to awesome. 5 cool things about the Oregon Ducks new 2012 Rose Bowl uniforms.

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