Oregon Ducks Football: The five best uniform combinations

NWSB Insider and Oregon Ducks football blogger Bryant Knox weighs in with an opinionated take on the 5 BEST Ducks uniform combinations in recent years. LaMichael James sporting a Nike Pro Combat uniform proved to be hands down the team’s best look of the 2011 college football season. You’ve got to love the Ducks who have become known for their uniforms and their cheerleaders.

The 2012 Seattle Seahawks uniforms and logo gets a “makeover”

Seahawks insider Brandon Choate brings us breaking news of the new Seattle Seahawks logo and uniform designs unveiled by Nike at a press conference on Tuesday. The new logo comes with a new alternate uniform that corresponds to the change in the logo. They’re already a hit with players and fans will be crashing stores and sites to buy them from what we hear. Check out our Marshawn Lynch video.

Five BIG Reasons New Uniforms For The Seahawks Will Be A Good Thing

NWSB insider Clinton Bell brings us a fun blog today. He brings us 5 reasons the new Seattle Seahawks uniforms are going to be good. With Nike stepping into the NFL uniform game, everyone knows things are about to change in a major way. The Seahawks new uniforms could bring some new momentum. Will be fun to see Sidney Rice and Earl Thomas running around in new uni’s.

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