The Good, the bad and the ugly for the Canucks 2013-14 schedule

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks Blogger Ben Lypka weighs in on the schedule for the 2013/14 Canucks. Key games include. October 8th. The return of Cory Schneider, will he get the start? Jan. 1 vs. Tampa Bay – Sami Salo returns to Vancouver. What type of injury will he suffer? Will the nurses at VGH remember him? March 2 vs. Ottawa in the Heritage Classic. Can’t wait to see Peter Sidorkiewicz and Doug Smail on the Sens alumni team. *Joking*

Hockey’s Back! Vancouver Canucks’ five most important games

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Richard Hodges weighs in with some analysis of what he thinks are the biggest five games on the Canucks 2013 NHL schedule. From games versus the defending champ LA Kings to the grudge match with the Blackhawks its going to be a fun dash to the cup. Can Cory Schneider, Henrik Sedin, Daniel Sedin, Alex Edler and Dan Hamhuis lead Van city to a cup? WIll Ryan Kesler be back soon?

My take! Vancouver Canucks 2012-2013 schedule: love’em & hate’em

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Reggie Gill is sitting on his couch, hopefully with his pants on telling us what games he’s most looking forward to for the Vancouver Canucks during the upcoming 2012-13 campaign. Again with the Maple Leafs and a 4 o’clock puck drop on Vancouver ice. We can even hope to see Don Cherry butcher Kevin Bieksa’s name. It’s almost worth having Roberto Luongo stick around.

NHL announces 2012/13 Vancouver Canucks complete season schedule

NWSB Managing editor and Vancouver Canucks writer “Q” tells us the complete Canucks team schedule and 2012 Matchups. The NHL Season is over, the awards have been given out, the NHL draft is right around the corner. Does the NHL season really stop? You can even head to your favorite sportsbook and find NHL Futures odds out there. Who will Henrik Sedin and Daniel Sedin circle on their calender? Chicago Blackhawks November 15th?

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