Canucks could have potential rival in Seattle

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson talks about the rumors of the Phoenix Coyotes relocating to Seattle. A franchise that hasn’t always received the best fan support, the team has been owned by the NHL since 2009 and is once again looking for a place to play, with Phoenix being the most recommended destination. But that still doesn’t mean Seattle doesn’t have a shot at getting this franchise, especially with the unstable negotiations that have been taking place to keep them in Phoenix.

Don Levin trying to bring the NHL to Seattle…

NWSB Insider and northwest sports blogger Alistair Corp tells us today that Don Levin has publicly emerged to try to bring an NHL team to the Seattle area, and he’s prepared to spend $100 million. The development popped up three days before King County discusses and votes on investor Chris Hansen’s proposal to build a $490 million NBA and NHL arena. Wayne Gretzky was in town too. Coincidence?

Memorandum of Understanding: Updating the Seattle arena project

NWSB insider Brandon Choate brings us an update on the Seattle Arena Proposal by Chris Hansen and his team of investors. The Mayor and Executive have approved of the plan to build an arena in Seattle to bring the NBA back and hopefully the NHL. The proposal now moves onto the Seattle City and King County councils to be voted on.
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