Seahawks fantasy forecast – Week 15 NFL predictions

NWSB Fantasy Football Insider and Seattle Seahawks’ blogger Dave B delivers to us his Week 15 NFL fantasy football forecast for the Seahawks vs. New York Giants matchup on Sunday. Dave says that the defense is going to be a top-three start this week, and that it will help you get to the next round of the playoffs. As usual, expect solid numbers from Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch, but look for Zach Miller to get back in the mix as well.

Beware thy neighbor! Week 15 NFC West Matchups + Previews

Once again the Seattle Seahawks are still mathematically alive in the NFC wildcard race, but realistically only one team in the NFC west has a shot at the playoffs, the San Francisco 49ers face the Pittsburgh Steelers this week on MNF, the Cardinals play the Browns, the Seattle Seahawks vs. Bears, and the St. Louis Rams vs. Bengals. Here’s our Week 15 NFC West previews.
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