Moments in Time: Seahawks vs. Broncos 2012

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brandon Choate brings us a flashback to last season that will go down in Seahawk lore. Matt Flynn was looking to be finally named starting quarterback of a pro football team against the Broncos. Russell Wilson had other plans. The rest is history. Some stats. Peyton Manning, Denver – 16/23, 177 yards, 2 Int, Tyrell Sutton, Seattle – 4 carries, 49 yards, Willis McGahee, Denver – 8 carries, 28 yards, 1 TD, Jermaine Kearse Seattle – 1 catch, 37 yards.

The new power couple of the NFL: The 49ers-Seahawks rivalry

Seattle Seahawks blogger Chris Hall weighs in with a piece about the budding rivalry that is becoming one of the best in the NFL, the Seahawks vs. 49ers. Let’s face it, there is no team, player or fan that us Hawks fans hate more than that of the Niners. Last years matchup in SF did nothing but add to the hatred we have, but at least it eclipsed with a 42-13 win for us at home in the second game. This year it’s on! Pete Carroll vs. Jim Harbaugh, Russell Wilson vs. Colin Kaepernick.

Seattle Seahawks pre-season notes: Training Camp day 1

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson talks about Seattle’s first training camp of the 2013 season. With a new season to look forward to and the goals for the squad set extremely high, it will be interesting to keep track of the Hawks throughout the next few weeks as they prepare for their season opener against the Carolina Panthers. The biggest news from today’s camp was Percy Harvin’s injury that will need to be evaluated a second time before a course of action is decided upon.

Examining the Seahawks against the NFC West

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks Blogger Erin Acacio breaks down the Seahawks 2013 NFC West schedule. With three prime time games, one against each NFC West foe, the Seahawks have a chance to really make a name for themselves in the rest of the country. The Hawks often get overlooked by an east coast biased national sports media market. The extra “love” this year will finally give them a chance to be seen, and heard nationally.

Five things to watch during Seahawks 2013 preseason schedule

Seattle Seahawks blogger Clinton Bell weighs in with the 2013 Seattle Seahawks pre-season schedule. Old rivals get a chance to renew the fight, pre-season style. The Seahawks will face off against the Chargers, Broncos, Packers, and Raiders this year. With each game carrying a bit of significance to it, even by pre-season standards. The quest for a Super Bowl trophy starts here! Russell Wilson vs. Matt Flynn, vs. Aaron Rogers, vs. Peyton Manning, and vs. Philip Rivers.

It’s Official! The Seahawks trade QB Matt Flynn to the Raiders

NWSB insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brett Bivens brings us his take on another Pete Carroll & John Schneider move this week. They traded Matt Flynn to the Oakland Raiders on Monday, Jay Glazer first broke this story. Matt Flynn is a quarterback who wants his chance to start in the NFL. Brett can’t say wether he would have become outspoken about his unhappiness, but can assure you that he wanted to do more than just hold a clipboard on the sidelines. Good Luck Matt.

State of the Seahawks – 2013 NFL Draft and beyond

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson talks about the state of the Seattle Seahawks. While the Seahawks could surely draft whatever players they think best and use all of their picks to give them the best chance at another surprise player, Seattle could potentially deal their picks to other teams for proper compensation. What route they decide to take we will not know until draft day. Chris looks at the John Clayton’s Seahawks podcast, with Russell Wilson and others.

Five 2012 Seahawks who will not be on the 2013 team

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brett Bivens predicts which players from the current roster will not be around for the 2013 season. Matt Flynn, Marcus Trufont, Leroy Hill, Ben Obomanu and Charly Martin are all possibilities. Roster change is something that every professional sports team has to deal with, but with the Hawks having Super Bowl aspirations, it appears that moves are imminent.

The Seattle Seahawks & Matt Flynn: What to do?

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson talks about the options for Matt Flynn as the Seahawks move forward into a promising offseason. But, in all the awesomeness that was Russell Wilson, Matt Flynn once again was left to stand on the sidelines wondering what would happen with his career. Surely he could not beat out Wilson anymore for a starting spot. At best he would once again be the backup with endless potential to a quarterback who was just too good to bench.

Moments in time…*My* top ten Seattle Seahawks moments from 2012-2013

Seattle Seahawks blogger Clinton Bell weighs in with another installment of the Seahawks Week That Was. Intended to be a fun column, with lots of laughs and other good stuff. Normally it will be a top 10 list, a la David Letterman style. This time Clinton brings you his top ten moments from the 2012 Seattle Seahawks football season. Chalk full of highlights, a must read for Seahawks fans who just aren’t quite ready to hang the remote up just yet.

Five Seahawks who will have a BIG impact versus Rams

NWSB Insider and Seahawks’ Blogger Ben Tole talks about regardless of what the two teams at Century Link Field are playing for on Sunday the Hawks have been doing nothing over the last month but making statements. He says there are five players to watch for on Sunday to make another statement. Matt Flynn, Red Bryant, Russell Wilson, Doug Baldwin & Richard Sherman all make his list of guys to watch.

Love is in the air after the trampling of Arizona…Cards vs. Seahawks recap

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Jordin Ereth brings us what he loved and hate about Sunday’s game against the Cardinals. What a blowout. Russell Wilson was in for a few drives, but eventually got pulled for backup Matt Flynn in the third quarter. The entire second half was a showcase of Robert Turbin, who gave evidence of being a possible feature back in the future. Richard Sherman and Bobby Wagner were electric. What a game.
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