Five Seahawks who impressed against the Chiefs Friday night

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brett Bivens is back to weigh in with his thoughts on the NFLX Week 3 game between the Seahawks vs. K.C. Chiefs. Some Hawks that impressed. Earl Thomas, Richard Sherman, Robert Turbin, Charly Martin and of course Russell Wilson. Hell of a game last night. The Seahawks did not punt until Russell Wilson was removed, and Tarvaris Jackson was put in the game.

Matt Flynn & Doug Baldwin – Seahawks teammates & BFFS?

NWSB Rookie Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Alistair Corp brings us a Northwest gossip today about two up and coming players on the roster. Doug Baldwin and Matt Flynn are developing some great offseason chemistry. It’s relieving for Seahawks fans too see this, even though it’s coming from a teammate, after watching the Kevin Kolb disaster last season in Arizona.
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