Gameday skate: Canucks host Coyotes in Pacific Division showdown

NWSB Insider and Canucks blogger Kevin “The Flying V” Vanstone weighs in today on the Vancouver Canucks. They host the Phoenix Coyotes in a pivotal Pacific Division battle tonight at Rogers Arena. It is no secret that the Vancouver Canucks have struggled on the power play this season, but in the middle of a team-wide scoring slump the Canucks need to make the most of their opportunities 5-on-4.

Size does matter…options for the Canucks

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks’ blogger Phil Slater talks about Vancouver’s options for getting bigger, something they need to do to stop being pushed around and intimidated by other teams. “Younger and bigger” was Mike Gillis’ answer on how to produce results. Concerned that the NHL is trending to a more physical, less skilled nature and tired about his team being leaned on too much without much push back. Could we see Jimmy Hayes, Martin Hanzal, or Jamie Oleksiak in Van city?
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