What the Canucks mean to British Columbians province-wide

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Bryan McFarlane tells us today that the Canucks are NOT just Vancouver’s team. The entire province of BC holds their collective breath when Van City takes the ice. The Canucks are our cultural glue. We all might disagree on political issues or world issues or the state of the economy, but we can all say in unity that we love our hockey. That Roberto Luongo should be traded or not…etc

My five ‘fearless’ predictions for the 2013 Canucks

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Mitch Dyck makes some 2013 fearless predictions for our Vancouver Canucks. Mitch thinks the reign is over, the Canucks won’t capture a third straight President’s Trophy. He thinks Zack Kassian has the potential to play more minutes in Vancouver if he can stay consistent and play his game effectively. He thinks Jordan Schroeder may be undersized but he feels like he’ll have a good camp.

Lockout Blues – Forbes Sees Value in NHL, Schneider Doesn’t

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Kevin “the Flying V” Vanstone weighs in with another lockout post today. This time he’s telling us that the fans aren’t the only ones getting sick and tired of the latest installment of the Lockout. Cory Scheider is taking his talents to Switzerland, where he will be tending goal for Ambri Piotta of the Swiss National League A.

Canucks Goalie Cory Schneider signs with Ambri-Piotta of Swiss-A League

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Mitch Dyck reports today on the news that has surfaced about netminder Cory Schneider. He is in Switzerland and “ready to go” according to his agent Mike Liut. Early on in the lockout Schneider wasn’t sure about playing overseas and getting used to the larger ice surface, but with no end for the lockout in sight, it was time to make a decision.

Slow Canucks news day. Burke denies Luongo to Toronto rumors

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Mitch Dyck weighs in on the NHL news this week from Toronto Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke. Straight from the horses’ mouth, or from the bottom of a bottle of fine scotch, Leafs GM and hater of fancy stats, Burke has refuted claims that there is a deal in place that would see current Canucks goalie Roberto Luongo to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Rumor Mill: Canucks to retire Bure’s number, or not?

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Mitch Dyck weighs in on if the Canucks should retire Pavel Bure’s #10 jersey number this year. Right now the Canucks need to figure out if the most electrifying player to wear a Canucks sweater is worthy of their most prestigious honor. Different papers in Vancouver have different opinions. it’s obvious what’s next. We’re going to have a Botchford v MacIntyre bare-knuckled boxing match.

Lockout Blues? Frustration turns up the shapheat for Canucks fans

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Kevin “the Flying V” Vanstone weighs in with another lockout post today. He points out a bitter October without NHL hockey has left fans across the league irritable and irrational, and as winter fast approaches the thought of another no-puck November has raised off-season emotions to an all-time high. Please bring hockey back soon.

Are the Leafs and Canucks close to a deal?

An update today comes in from Mitch Dyck on the Vancouver Canucks during the NHL labour dispute. Even with the lack of a CBA the Roberto Luongo trade rumors have come back. Nothing new, Toronto has constantly been a team rumored to land the services of the all-star net minder from the Canucks. John Shannon of Sportsnet broke the news that the Canucks and the Leafs had come to an agreement on a trade involving Luongo.

Attention Canucks Fans! It’s Shane Doan day at Northwest Sports Beat

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Mitch Dyck says to stay tuned to NWSB all day today for news on the potential signing of Shane Doan with the Vancouver Canucks. Shane Doan implemented a September 15th deadline in which he would sign a contract with a new team. Doan has until 2 PM PST to sign a contract in order for it to be registered in time before the expiration of the current collective bargaining agreement.

NHL Report: Evander Kane requests trade…Will the Canucks make an offer?

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Mitch Dyck writes about local Vancouver hockey product and current Winnipeg Jets forward Evander Kane today. Reportedly he’s asked for a trade out of the Peg. The report came courtesy of CTV Regina sports anchor, Julie Stewart-Binks. Mitch says If this rumor of a trade request were true, then Vancouver would be smart to step up and make a bold move in trying to acquire the young sniper.

Another NHL lockout? We don’t need no stinkin’ lockout!

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks blogger Mitch Dyck points weighs in today on a possible NHL lock out coming up in 2012, plus how it effects the Vancouver Canucks. From today there are 37 days until an agreement has to be reached. Remember seven years ago when people thought there would be multiple 11th hour deals before the season and during the lost portions of the season?

NBA Stars Trailblazing In Europe In 2011

Our man on the Portland Trail Blazers beat, Jason Green, explains that some of the Portland Trail Blazers are looking for work overseas as the NBA Lockout continues with no end in sight.

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