The never-ending saga of Khalif Mitchell

NWSB Insider and BC Lions’ blogger Andrew Deutschmann talks about the never-ending saga of Khalif Mitchell, a thankfully former BC Lion. His talent and tenacity are just about unmatched throughout the CFL and when he’s on, he is the best defensive player in the league, in my mind. He didn’t always have huge numbers, but he always attracts attention from the other team and opens up opportunities for his teammates to make plays.

BC Lions Coach Mike Benevides – A season in reflection

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Steve Lee points out it has been nearly a week since the B.C. Lions were knocked out of contention for the 100th Grey Cup. Enough time has passed in order to fairly grade the effort of the Lions and their first year coach Mike Benevides. After four years as an assistant coach, he had to learn what it was like to take on 100% of the responsibility. Now he knows. Now he can plan better. Still, tough loss.

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