MLS Matchup Report: Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Portland Timbers

NWSB Inside and Sounders FC Blogger Jason Green weighs in with his gameday preview for Saturday’s matchup between Los Angeles Galaxy vs. Portland Timbers. The Galaxy have struggled to begin the season and that is one of the big stories so far. However, they are at home facing a Timbers’ team that has not played well on the road and I think L.A. will get a win in this match.

Chivas USA vs. Timbers FC Love ’em and Hate ’em

NWSB insider Blair Thomas brings us his reasons why the Portland Timbers lost 2-1 to Chivas USA on Saturday. Everyone in the building knew that Portland would need more than a handful of shots on Kennedy in order to beat Chivas. Troy Perkins extended the misery of Portland fans by allowing two more in the loss.

Game Day Preview / Keys to the match! Chivas USA vs. Portland Timbers

NWSB Insider and Portland Timbers blogger Blair Thomas reports on the matchup tonight between the Timbers and Chivas USA. Chivas is the worst team in the Western Conference standings, tied with the LA Galaxy (which has only played three matches compared to Chivas’ four). It is a match-up of two teams that have struggled early this season

Will the L.A. Galaxy Influence the Sounders, Timbers or Whitecaps?

C-Mac one of our MLS Soccer bloggers tells us the L.A. Galaxy 2011 winners of the the MLS Cup may leave a legacy that other teams will seek to imitate. Professional sports leagues and their coaches are notorious when it comes to their attempts to emulate winning teams. Can Freddy Montero and the Seattle Sounders reach this level?

Sounders FC – The Best Team In Concacaf?

Our man on the Seattle sports scene Jason Green weighs in with his take on the Sounders this week. The time for modesty is over, Sounders fans. Our boys are major MLS title contenders and it’s time to start “expecting” dominance…

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