BC Lions vs. Calgary Stampeders: Week 15 game balls

NWSB Insider and B.C. Lions’ blogger Ben Lypka recaps the Lions’ last contest against the Calgary Stampeders. Giving game balls to Nick Moore, Cord Parks and Tim Brown. Honourable mentions to Adam Bighill, Dante Marsh and Korey Banks on defense. Next up for the Lions is another trip to Regina, but this time it could be with Travis Lulay at the helm.

BC Lions 2013 defensive mid-season grades

NWSB Insider and BC Lions’ Blogger Ben Lypka hands out his mid-season grades for the BC Lions’ defence. While the team leads the league in interceptions, Ben would still like to see more output in this category from a certain few players. The defence has been good, but this team is still struggling in the aspects of what our fans expectations are.

Hamilton Tiger-Cats vs. B.C. Lions vs: Week 10 game balls

NWSB Insider and B.C. Lions’ blogger Bryan McFarlane recaps the Lions’ last contest against the Ti-Cats. Giving game balls to Dante Marsh, Travis Lulay and Tim Brown. Bryan revels in the Lions’ latest victory at BC Place. Tim Brown has been nothing short of sensational for the Lions this season. Dante Marsh tallied five tackles and a big interception. Travis Lulay finally had his standout game of the season.

Five positions to watch at BC Lions 2013 training camp

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Andrew Deutschmann weighs in today on the 2013 Leo’s Training camp battles to watch for. He said to watch for Strong Side Corner, Safety, Receiver, Back Up/Third String Quarterback, and Kicker as the best battles to view. 23 year old Hugh O’Neill will look to unseat Paul McCallum. Yes he`s talking kicker. Travis Lulay`s backup isn`t clear. Thomas DeMarco and Jarrett Brown and now Joey Elliot will duke it out.

CFL: Report card time: BC Lions defence

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Phil Slater is here to give us his rendition of the BC Lions deffensive unit report cards. The bartender always knows best right? Phil says that the linebackers were the jewels of the Lions D this past year. The D line could have had an A grade as well if not for a certain someone going off at the mouth on his Twitter account.

BC Lions Coach Mike Benevides – A season in reflection

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Steve Lee points out it has been nearly a week since the B.C. Lions were knocked out of contention for the 100th Grey Cup. Enough time has passed in order to fairly grade the effort of the Lions and their first year coach Mike Benevides. After four years as an assistant coach, he had to learn what it was like to take on 100% of the responsibility. Now he knows. Now he can plan better. Still, tough loss.

Lions vs. Alouettes Week 10 offensive & defensive game balls

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Reggie Gill after each week of the regular season and possibly during the CFL playoffs should the Leo’s be so lucky will stop by and bring you his B.C. Lions game balls. Balls are awarded to the Leo’s offensive MVP Travis Lulay, and on defense this week Korey Banks. Veteran Paul McCallum went 3/4 in field goals and also got two touchbacks. All in all, a good night.

All about the Bordens: Travis Lulay signs contract extension

NWSB Insider and B.C. Lions Blogger Steve Lee sums up the contract extension given to Grey Cup MVP Travis Lulay and explains what he means to the team going forward. Could Travis had made it in the NFL? Well, Casey Printers sure didn’t. Geroy Simon, Arland Bruce and Korey Banks will all catch balls from Lulay in 2012. Should be fun.

Nine B.C. Lions named to the CFL All-Star team

NWSB insider Carolyn Smith brings us good news for BC Lions fans. 9 Lions have been named to the CFL all-star team. Travis Lulay, Geroy Simon, Angus Reid, Jovan Olafiove, Aaron hunt, Khalif Mitchell, Solomon Eilimiann, Korey Banks, and Paul McCallum all made the list.

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