Three things we still don’t know about the Mariners

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners Blogger Brian Scott gives us three things to wonder about when it comes to the team. Cash heading into 2014 is going to be a focus, as nobody quite knows what to expect in free agency. The skipper situation is also uncertain, as Eric Wedge has yet to receive an extension. Finally, what in the world is up with Felix Hernandez? Let’s just hope he returns to form in 2014.

Felix Hernandez is a Cy Young candidate

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Jonas Hyde breaks down the three top contenders in MLB’s American League Cy Young award race. The Mariners own Felix Hernandez has had a stellar season, and as such, has to be in the national conversation. By using statistical measurements such as Wins and Losses, WHIP, Innings Pitched, ERA, and Strikeouts, Jonas shows why King Felix may be well on his way to winning the Cy Young in 2013.

The worst series of 2013, how’s Mariners morale everyone?

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners’ blogger Jeff Budke talks about the recently concluded series vs. the Cleveland Indians. That could be a tough series to shake off. The M’s were swept, and it wasn’t good. Three walk-off losses. The positive to take away? Just as Kendrys Morales was beginning to play more 1B, Justin Smoak remembered he is allowed to hit home runs. Move on vs. Angels. Take both games from a division opponent on the road and all is forgotten.

The curious Case of Felix Hernandez: Rewarding loyalty

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger pours his heart out over the new megadeal between the Mariners and ace Felix Hernandez. The deal goes far beyond dollars and years. It speaks volumes to the Seattle Mariners for being committed to Felix Hernandez as well as giving Hernandez a reward for his loyalty to this team, this city, and the fans. Loyatly in sports may not be gone after all.

Mariners sign Felix Hernandez to seven-year deal

NWSB insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Jon Irwin reports on the news that Felix Hernandez is set to sign a seven-year, $175 million contract. The record setting deal is the highest ever awarded to a pitcher, and will keep King Felix a Mariner through the 2019 season.

Another M’s season is over…Where do they stand? The condor edition

New NWSB Insider & Seattle Mariners blogger Jeff Budke weighs in on the 2012 year that Michael Saunders had. The biggest question now is, will he continue to progress, or will he slide back into his past production with the club in previous years. Jeff shares his reasons why, and why not for the Condor’s progression, and future with this Seattle Mariners ballclub.

King Felix: Subpar to supreme and back again for the M’s

New NWSB Insider & Seattle Mariners blogger Jeff Budke weighs in on the 2012 season for M’s ace Felix Hernandez. This offseason the million-dollar question for Jack Zduriencik becomes whether or not he trusts the 3 up and coming pitchers to take the reigns from the King before his value diminishes. (Hernandez is signed with the Mariners through 2014). He says Danny Hultzen, Taijuan Walker, and James Paxton will be ready soon.

Did the Mariners Felix Hernandez get a pity vote to the All Star team?

Mariners insider Danny Ferguson asks the age old question, since every team has to have one All-Star, did Felix Hernandez get a pitty vote? It is true that he is the only starter in the rotation that deserves the credit, but does his record actually merit the nod? The awards have been changed to supplement the fact that Felix plays for the terrible Mariners, has the all star nomination gone the same way?

Seattle Mariners fantasy baseball stats & breakdown – Week 4

NWSB Insider Brandon Choate brings us his weekly Fantasy Baseball recap of your Seattle Mariners. Felix Hernandez is always a safe bet in fantasy with Ichiro Suzuki joining him in those ranks right off the bat. Michael Saunders went off this week as did Alex Liddi. Jesus Montero is slowly warming up and becoming more consistent and Justin Smoak is doing the opposite.

Five reasons Happy Felix Day is my favorite day of the week

NWSB insider Clinton Bell brings us his reasons why he loves Felix Day. Oh you haven’t heard of Felix Day? It’s the one day a week that Seattle Mariners fans get to sit down and see pitching at it’s best when Felix Hernandez takes the mound. That is, until he hands the ball off to Eric Wedge. Or some nights, Brandon League.

Seattle Mariners reach new low in recent history

NWSB insider and Seattle Sports blogger Brandon Choate brings us his take an issue that has been brewing with the Seattle Mariners for years now. With Wednesday’s game against Cleveland came the lowest attendance ever recorded at Safeco Field. The team ownership’s refusal to spend money combined with the team’s inconsistent production has soured fans and given them a reason to stay home on game day.

What is wrong with Mariners pitcher Felix Hernandez?

NWSB and Seattle Mariners insider Danny Ferguson brings up an interesting point today. What is wrong with Felix Hernandez? With recent reports of his velocity declining, coupled with his poor performance in Oakland last week, people are speculating that King Felix is on the decline. What do you think?

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