My Impressions of the Seattle Mariners’ 2012 Home Opener

Safeco Field

NWSB insider and social media blogger Carolyn Smith tells us after spending opening weekend in Seattle, she has some lasting impressions of the Mariners fans and the upcoming season. Seattle fans are dedicated. They are still out in full support of their team, even without an appearance in the post-season since 2001.

Ichiro Fever! Getting excited about the Mariners games in Tokyo

The Kingdome Mariners

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Danny Ferguson reports on the opening two games in Tokyo between the M’s and the A’s. He says some things to look foward to include Taking in Ichiro Suzuki Fever. Ichiro is bigger than cheeseburgers are in America, the Mariners are guilty by association, meaning we will see cheering like the 1995 playoffs. That will be a nice change.

My starting nine: Seattle Mariners all time starting squad

Ken Griffey + Ichiro

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners baseball blogger Danny Ferguson tells us the nine players that make up his all time starting team in the next chapter of our Moments In Time series on Northwest sports teams. Some famous names from the M’s past make the list. Including Ichiro Suzuki, Ken Griffey Jr., Jay Buhner, Edgar Martinez, Randy Johnson, Harold Reynolds, Alvin Davis, Dan Wilson and more.

Vinnie Catricala offers the 2012 Seattle Mariners a new vision

Vinnie Catricala

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Danny Ferguson points out the one bright point was the Mariners minor league player of the year in 2011, 23 year old, Vinnie Catricala. Vinnie played in two leagues last year, starting off for A High Dessert before being promoted to AA Jackson Generals. If there is one thing that the Mariners need, it is offense. By the end of 2011 his batting average leveled off to a mere .349.

Seattle Mariners Baseball: Top 10 Players Since 2002

Felix Hernandez

A lot of incredible MLB baseball players to roll thru Seattle and play for the Seattle Mariners since the turn of the millennium. Our Moments in time points out they didn’t all play at the same time. NWSB M’s blogger Danny Ferguson wonders if we compiled a list of every player to wear a uniform for at least one full season from 2002-2012 who would have given the team the best chance at a winning season?

The five players I wish still played for my Seattle Mariners

Mariners Legends

NWSB insider Danny Ferguson tells us If the Mariners ever need to dip into the PAST to grab an all-star team, he would choose these 5 guys. Randy Johnson, Ken Griffey Jr., Edgar Martinez, Alvin Davis, and Jay Buhner. He wishes some of them were still a part of the team, in their prime – ready to play. So to do the Seattle Mariners of 2012.

Vancouver Canucks Chris Higgins’ Unplanned Hand Injury

Chris Higgins Hand Injury

Chris Higgin’s next five injuries as predicted by one of our Vancouver Canucks bloggers Richard Hodges. Chris Higgins wasn’t flying to San Jose with the team because of a mysterious hand infection. What does this all mean? Luckily, Richard specialises in speculative medicine and can predict Chris Higgins’ next five injuries.

How moving the fences at Safeco could ruin the Seattle Mariners

Mariners Ken Griffey Jr.

Great Seattle Mariners analysis on the configurations of the fences at Safeco Field in Seattle. Remember Alvin Davis, and Ken Griffey Jr.? It may be better to leave the fences where they are, invest the money into good pitching and solid defense to invest in Mike Carp or Dustin Ackley while in prime and before being courted by the Texas Rangers and the New York Yankees.

Cream of the Crop – 5 Best Seattle Mariners Draftees

If Ken Griffey Jr. was expendable, so are 99% of these guys

NWSB insider Brandon Choate brings us another good read. He lists the Seattle Mariners top 5 draft picks in team history. We all know who number one is, Ken Griffey Jr., but do you remember Mark Langston or Tino Martinez? He does and they’re listed here!

Ponder this…Why Do the Mariners Still Believe in Justin Smoak?

Justin Smoak

Our Seattle Mariners insider Danny Ferguson ponders whether or not the Mariners will keep Justin Smoak around to play first base. With big names like Albert Pujols and Prince Fielder coming available, will the Mariners open their wallets?

Mariners Ken Griffey Jr.’s Top 5 Pranks

Griffey Fogg Prank

M’s beat writer Brandon Choate breaks down the all-time pranks list of Seattle Mariners Ken Griffey Jr. A Seattle sports icon and a guy who will always be remembered for his sweet swing. He liked to joke, prank and have fun with his teammates and coaches.

Mariners Musings | For The Love Of The Game

Good Things Happen In Spite of Yet Another Mariners Loss

Our man on the Mariners beat Danny Ferguson weighs in with some thoughtful opinions on the state of the Mariners. Even after another loss as my son grabs a bat and pretends to be Ichiro I realize that I will tune in to the game again tomorrow…
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