2016 NFL Draft Targets For The Seattle Seahawks

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider, Brian Scott, throws down his Seahawks 2016 NFL draft predictions — Analyzing who the Seattle Seahawks, led by the dynamic duo of Pete Carroll and John Schneider, might pick in the upcoming 2016 NFL draft is nearly an impossible task. These guys have their own, unique philosophy about the draft and who can really argue with it given their success?

The Seattle Seahawks Free Agent To Do List

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider, Brian Scott, breaks down the Seahawks free agents and identifies his keepers– Obviously you can’t re-sign all of these guys for $26 million and we know the Seahawks will probably make at least a few cuts to free up more space but allow me to speculate on who I would retain from this list. My re-signees would be…

Seahawks Still Struggle To Stymie St. Louis

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider, Brian Scott, breaks down the Seahawks loss to the Rams and details the playoff scenarios– The best any Seahawks running back could muster was Fred Jackson who had two carries for 11 yards. Bryce Brown had nine yards. Christine Michael, the starter, had just six yards on six carries. In fairness, Wilson did have 39 yards running the ball, but mostly he was running for his life rather than for yards or first downs.

Seattle Seahawks Offense Awakens—Drops 39 On Steelers

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider, Brian Scott, breaks down the Seahawks huge win over the Steelers– The Seahawks gave up nearly 200 yards of passing in just the first half and in the second half things only got worse for the Seattle secondary. Before leaving with two minutes to play with an injury, Roethlisberger threw for 456 yards against the LOB. The lack of a consistent pass rush allowed the veteran Roethlisberger to sit in the pocket for hours and pick the Legion of Boom to pieces.

Super Bowl XL Rematch —  Seahawks Host Steelers

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider, Brian Scott, share his expectations on the Seahawks matchup with the Steelers in Week 12– The Seahawks also continued to get burned by the 49ers against their tight ends. If I’m an offensive coordinator for Pittsburgh, I’m throwing the ball down the seam to my tight end almost continually until the Seahawks prove to me they can stop that play. In 2015, the Seahawks have yet to do it.

What Position Will The Seattle Seahawks Target In The First Round?

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider Brian Scott takes a look at draft possibilities and positions for the Seahawks first pick in the 2015 NFL Draft– While it’s true that most of these guys should be ready for the start of the 2015 season, excluding Lane, that’s a lot of injuries, surgeries and rehabs that have to go well with no backup. It certainly wouldn’t hurt the Seahawks to draft a corner in the first round.

Seahawks Can’t RePete, Fall To Pats In Super Bowl 49

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider Brian Scott gives us his takeaways from the Seahawks loss in Super Bowl 49. Trailing by just four points, a time out in hand with just 20 seconds left in regulation, and with a 2nd down and goal at the 1 yard line , Seahawks offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, made one of the most questionable decisions I have ever witnessed in a Super Bowl– He decided to throw the ball.

NFL Playoffs: The Seattle Seahawks send the Panthers Packing

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider Brian Scott breaks down the Seahawks playoff win over the Panthers. For the Seahawks, it means that they advance to the NFC Championship game. The Hawks will play host to the Green Bay Packers a team they beat all the way back in Week 1 of the NFL Season. For the Panthers, it means it’s time to go home.

Your Seattle Seahawks Face the NY Giants in NFL Week 10

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider Brian Scott gives us his list of things to watch as the Seahawks take on the Giants in week 10. Seattle is suffering through one of its worst seasons in terms of injured players in recent memory. The Seahawks could get a small army of regular starters back in time to face the Giants. Max Unger, Kam Chancellor, Jeremy Lane, Jeron Johnson and Jordan Hill are expected to return.

It was a Super Bowl XLVIII re-match, sorta

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks Blogger Brett Bivens recaps the Hawks first preseason game of the year vs. the Denver Broncos. The matchup was a Super Bowl rematch that went to the Broncos. Featured are: Russell Wilson, Tavaris Jackson, Terrell Pryor, Peyton Manning Christine Michael and more.

Could the Legion Of Boom get bigger in 2014?

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks blogger Brandon Choate tells us that the famous Legion of Boom could grow this season. With Tharold Simon sitting out his first season with injury, he is already back on the war path, impressing coaches and fellow players. Will it be enough to get on the field this season, though?

Winning Has Two Prices: Increased Salaries & Free Agent Departures

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks Blogger breaks down how the Hawks must pay their dues now that they’ve won the Super Bowl. Being champions means that players will command higher salaries, and players will leave in NFL free agency. Golden Tate, Red Bryant, Chris Clemons, Chris Maragos and Clinton McDonald are prime examples.

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