*My* reasons the Vancouver Whitecaps make the MLS playoffs in 2012

NWSB Newcomer and Vancouver Whitecaps blogger Alistair Corp tells us his thoughts on the MLS Soccer team’s second year chances of making the playoffs in MLS. No longer is the team giving up the ball carelessly, and on the rare occurrence they do, they’re still in great position to win it back. Offense is clicking due in large part is the additions of superstar Sebastien Le Toux and second overall pick Darren Mattocks.

Grading the Vancouver Whitecaps trade of keeper Jay Nolly

Our man on the Whitecaps beat C-Mac brings us some news out of Vancouver. The Vancouver Whitecaps have traded goalkeeper Jay Nolly. With the trade, Whitecaps goalie Joe Cannon will get extra looks in net and they will get to bring up an up-and-comer in Brian Sylvestre. This is a risky move for Vancouver. Martin Rennie hopes this works out.

C-Mac Watching the Wave: Vancouver Whitecaps

Our man C-Mac has his finger firmly on the pulse of the Vancouver Whitecaps in their first season of MLS soccer. This week he looks at the midfield position. Though no current midfield roster members are untouchable, there does appear to be some promise in Davide Chiumiento, and Atiba Harris.

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