What can the Mariners do with back-end of rotation?

I have a love-hate relationship with Harang this year. (Joe Nicholson/USA Today Sports)

NWSB Editor and Insider Chris Anderson talks about Seattle’s woeful 3-4-5 in their starting rotation. As good as things have been going for the Mariners as of late, there is still a glaring error on the team that may prevent them from making a push and potentially surpassing the .500 mark in the coming weeks: the back-end of their five-man rotation. Whats in store for Aaron Harang, James Paxton, Danny Hultzen, Joe Saunders and others?

Early season review: Mariners top pitching prospects

BIg 3

NWSB insider and Mariner’s writer Jon Irwin brings us his preseason review of the Mariner’s top pitching prospects. The Big Three headline this talented list of power arms and could-be-aces. Just remember not to sleep on closer of the future Carter Capps and potential top of the rotation pitcher Brandon Maurer. While Taijuan Walker has the longest to go of any of the big three, he has the most upside as well.

Brandon Maurer is about to force his way into the Mariners Rotation

Brandon Maurer

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners’ blogger Jeff Budke talks about a young Arm in the Seattle M’s rotation battle this season. Brandon Maurer. His AA numbers in Jackson last season point to his potential, finishing with the most consistent stats on the team. AA: 137 IP, 1.315 WHIP, 7.6 K/9 and a 3.20 ERA. This year Maurer is rarely, if ever, mentioned alongside the “big 3” pitchers the Mariners have in AAA right now (Danny Hultzen, Taijuan Walker, and James Paxton). He’s more than ready.

Positives and negatives of the Mariners 2013 pitching staff

Felix Hernandez

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Jeff Budke brings us the positive and negative approaches for the upcoming MLB season with the Mariners’ pitching staff. With King Felix Hernandez leading the charge, mentions Jeff, Seattle’s youngsters could develop into a great staff in 2013. That will only be so, however, if Felix is able to step into a mentor role and guide a few promising young arms like Danny Hultzen and James Paxton.

A ton of positives to look forward to for the Mariners in 2013

Jesus Montero

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Brandon Choate brings us his reasons for not giving up on the Seattle Mariners…just yet. Despite the rough times of late, there is plenty to look forward to with all the new talent and young talent surrounding this team. Incoming players like Kendrys Morales and Jason Bay are looking to contribute while the younger players like Jesus Montero and Dustin Ackley are looking to produce.

Five prospects with a shot at the Mariner’s opening day roster

Danny Hultzen

NWSB insider and Mariners blog Jon Irwin reports on five impact prospects who could break Spring Training with the Seattle Mariners in 2013. Topping the list are well known top prospects such as Danny Hultzen and Nick Franklin. But if you don’t know the names of Carter Capps and Stefen Romero, it could be time to learn them.

MLB Analysis: The Mariners pursuit of Billy Butler

Billy Butler Royals

New NWSB Insider & Seattle Mariners blogger Jeff Budke weighs in on the M’s 2013 trade options for Kansas City Royals slugging 1B Billy Butler. No matter which way you slice it, the Mariners will have to give up one of the big three pitching prospects, Jeff says he would go with James Paxton, plus M’s stud Jason Vargas, and throw in Justin Smoak just to get him off our hands. Let’s see what the KC GM thinks.

How will the Mariners choose a pitching staff in 2013?

Felix Hernandez

New NWSB Insider & Seattle Mariners blogger Jeff Budke weighs in on the M’s 2013 options in the rotation. Jeff says the three immediate choices are Felix Hernandez, Jason Vargas and Hisashi Iwakuma. After that things get a little muddled, with anywhere from three-seven pitchers who could take up the last two spots.

Seattle Mariners trade scenario: Chase Headley

Chase Headley

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Jonathan Irwin reports on his idea for a trade scenario to greatly improve the Mariners. With persistent trade rumors of San Diego shopping Chase Headley, it’s time Jack-Z and the Mariners dived into the talks. With his golden glove and big bat, he’d be the perfect franchise player in Seattle.

King Felix: Subpar to supreme and back again for the M’s

Felix Hernandez

New NWSB Insider & Seattle Mariners blogger Jeff Budke weighs in on the 2012 season for M’s ace Felix Hernandez. This offseason the million-dollar question for Jack Zduriencik becomes whether or not he trusts the 3 up and coming pitchers to take the reigns from the King before his value diminishes. (Hernandez is signed with the Mariners through 2014). He says Danny Hultzen, Taijuan Walker, and James Paxton will be ready soon.

Mariners prospect watch: There’s NOT just aces in the system

Stephen Pryor

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Jonathan Irwin reports on the Seattle Mariners farm system in this pitching prospects report. There’s more to Seattle’s farm system than just the Big 3 (Taijuan Walker, James Paxton and Danny Hultzen). Names like Stephen Pryor, Carter Capps and Chance Ruffin round out a farm system rife with talent. Big 3 of starting, meet the Big 3 of relieving.

Mariners prospect watch: Aces struggle through June

Danny Hultzen

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Jonathan Irwin reports on the Seattle Mariners farm system in his first pitching prospects report. He weighs in on James Paxton, Danny Hultzen and Taijuan Walker. The Big 3. If any M’s prospect has struggled the most through June and July it’s Taijuan Walker. Hultzen holds a 4.24 ERA, but he’s allowed just 3 runs over his last three starts in AAA Tacoma.

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