What Mariners fans can expect out of the Seattle Jason Bay signing

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Danny Ferguson reports on what he believes are prudent expectations for newly signed Canadian major leaguer Jason Bay. He points out though this is a long shot, remember that Jason Bay was the 2004 National League Rookie of the Year, 2009 Silver Slugger and a 3 time All Star. Nothing is what Ferg has come to expect from the M’s, so even if it doesn’t work, Bay has met his expectations.

State of the Mariners – weekly notebook | May 14th

Mariners insider Danny Ferguson brings us the Weekly Seattle Mariners notebook. The Mariners won more than they lost this week! Something fans should relish while it lasts. Manager Eric Wedge may be moving Ichiro Suzuki in the lineup once again, Justin Smoak’s bat finally showed up in New York, and the M’s took a trip to some local schools to educate students on the importance of drug prevention in their futures.

State Of The Mariners – The 3 Options for Seattle This Offseason

Seattle Mariners blogger Danny Ferguson weighs in with his December 16th 2011 State of the Mariners notebook. Who wants to come play with Seattle when they could be making big bucks on the east coast? Felix Hernandez, Miguel Olivo, Franklin Gutierez and Brendan Ryan are all set to take significant raises in 2011, can the M’s and Jack Zduriencik afford Prince Fielder?

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