Eerie similarities between the Canucks and the LA Lakers

NWSB Insider Steve Lee takes a look at two franchises that are not living up to expectations: the Vancouver Canucks and the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers are in shambles after a move that was supposed to see Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard leading the way, while the ‘Nucks are in rebuilding mode after trading Robert Luongo.

The Coach – Vancouver Canucks Alain Vigneault in the spotlight

Canucks blogger Steve Lee brings us a good piece on the Vancouver Canucks today. Head Coach Alain Vigneault is under the spotlight for the Canucks. As the Canucks all time winning coach with a 287-155-50 record, Alain Vigneault has brought the team more success in his six year tenure than any coach prior to 2006.

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