ICYMI The Vancouver Canucks won! I’m serious! They did!

NWSB Insider and Vancouver Canucks’ blogger Richard Hodges give you his love ‘em and hate ‘em from Vancouver’s win over the Columbus Blue Jackets in a shootout. Whatever Mason Raymond did in the shootout worked. But man was it ugly. Was it legal? Richard doesn’t even care. It went in he says. The game’s first highlight was David Booth laying out Matt Calvert. Nice way to start the game.

Game 42 (PART 1): “Canucks Conversations Josh & Kev Talk Lu & Schnu”

It’s always fun when our two insiders sit down for a chat. Two of our Vancouver Canucks bloggers here at NWSB Josh (@vancan19) and Kevin (@flyingVhockey) sat down at their keyboards and discussed who should start in net for the Canucks versus Boston on Saturday. Don’t you even dare say this was scripted. Who starts in net? Roberto Luongo or Cory Schneider?

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