*My* favorite Northwest athlete of all time: Ken Griffey Jr.

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Clinton Bell brings us a piece on his favorite Northwest athlete of all time; Ken Griffey Jr. Clinton was lucky enough to grow up in a time before the steroid era of baseball, and one of those players who made it through unscathed, was Ken Griffey Jr. Coming to the Mariners as a thin 19 year old, Jr. would take not only the city of Seattle by storm, but the baseball world as well. Those of you who were there for this will forever be linked with Jr. and the Mariners in baseball history.

AL West Celebrity Death Match: Pujols vs. Hernandez

Danny Ferguson provides some offeason comedic relief in this witty Celebrity Death Matchup between The Machine and The King. The A.L. West is primed to be a battle field and in the third week of May the Mariners will call upon their champion, Felix Hernandez to face Albert Pujols. Strike three. Felix Wins. If only he would pitch again the next night.

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