Five reasons to get to the Riders vs. Leo’s game Saturday

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Phil The Bartender Slater weighs in with his Five reasons to get to the Riders vs. Leo’s game Saturday. He isn’t the biggest O-Lineman in the league but local hero and fan favourite Center Angus Reid just may be the best, and Saturday night will mark his 200th career game. The stadium will resemble an animated pumpkin patch, what more do you need Vancouver? Be there!

Butts, Boobies and the Bible? Lingerie football league invades Abbotsford

NWSB Insider and Vancouver BC sports blogger Steve Lee brings us the news this week about the (LFL) the lingerie football league coming to Abbotsford British Columbia, better known as the Bible-Belt of Canada. Many are offended by the promoted sexuality of the league and the apparent degradation of women. Many of these same people fail to realize that women’s beach volleyball players wear the same if not less.

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