B.C. Lions vs. Edmonton Eskimos Week 3 game balls

NWSB Insider and B.C. Lions’ blogger Bryan McFarlane gives you his offensive, defensive, and special teams game balls from this past week’s triumph over the Edmonton Eskimos. Travis Lulay took home the offensive game ball with an impressive performance, while Cord Parks a nice B.C. defensive back with a great name, great hair and a great style of play got the D game ball. Korey Williams was the ST’s standout.

Eskimos vs. Lions CFL blog: love ‘em & hate ‘em

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Phil “The Bartender” Slater brings us his Love Em & Hate Em recap from Saturday afternoon’s match up with the Edmonton Eskimos. Read on to hear what Phil says about Khalif Mitchell. A nasty player, playing a nasty position where extreme attitude and aggression is often rewarded. He suspects he will get a call from Commissioner Marc Cohon. The Lions found a way to lose this game.

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