Week 1 Flashback: Lions vs. Stamps what went wrong?


NWSB Insider and BC Lions’ blogger Bryan McFarlane addresses the pros and cons from the BC Lions’ 1st regular season game against the Calgary Stampeders. Jon Cornish ran at, through, around and over the Lions en route to 172 yards on the day for the Stamps. One thing is for sure, the defense needs to tighten up if the Lions want to get on the winning side of a football game. Sure the Stampeders are the reigning Western Division champs, but…

Thomas Demarco? Don’t let this BC Lions signing go unnoticed!

thomas demarco

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Phil “The bartender” Slater isn’t suggesting that backup QB Thomas DeMarco could usurp Travis Lulay as starter for the Lions this season but watch out for him in the future. A vet of Old Dominion, DeMarco brings a lot to the table, inclucling more importantly, a small college resume. The CFL proves year in and year out: it’s not where you come from, it’s how you play…

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