A History of No-No’s — Iwakuma Deals M’s 5th Ever No-Hitter

NWSB Writer and Seattle Mariners Insider, Brian Scott, relives his memories of the five no hitters thrown by Seattle Mariners pitchers– As I watched Hisashi Iwakuma accomplish one of a pitcher’s dreams Wednesday afternoon by throwing the 5th ever no hitter in Seattle Mariners history I realized just how lucky I am when it comes to no-hitters. I have no idea how many people have witnessed all five of the M’s no-hitters. It’s certainly not a few but it’s not many either and I feel fortunate to have seen them all.

Top 5 Mariners pitching performances of all-time

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Jonathan Irwin reports on the the All-Time top 5 pitching performances on the Seattle Mariners. As history goes it was the 23rd perfect game in MLB history. Felix Hernandez throws a perfect game, but how does he rank amongst the Mariner best? From Randy Johnson to Chris Bosio, we’re taking a ride through history.

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