CFL fantasy football? BC Lions 2012 player projections

NWSB Insider and BC Lions fantasy football writer Dave B weighs in with his 2012 CFL fantasy stats projections, predictions and draft tips for your CFL fantasy drafts. Let’s take a look at what we can expect from the Lions studs going into 2012. News, fantasy analysis and predictions for Travis Lulay, Andrew Harris, Arland Bruce, Geroy Simon and Shawn Gore. The fantasy forecast. 2012 BC Lions.

CFL Opinion: My reasons Travis Lulay will be CFL MVP in 2012

NWSB insider and BC Lions blogger Dave B tells us confidence is high. Travis Lulay entered last season as a relative unknown with the weight of a franchise on his shoulders. Not an enviable task for a young QB. We know this for a fact as we head into 2012. Lulay won’t be flying under the radar any longer! By winning the Grey Cup MVP, Lulay has anointed himself as one of the more high profile players in the CFL.

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