Five Positions that the BC Lions need to address

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger points out the Leo’s had a tremendously successful regular season and points out most would think they don’t need to re-tool or re-load. Now that Arland Bruce is gone, and GeRoy Simon has some questions to answer we know Nick Moore, Courtenay Taylor and Ernest Jackson will be the future. Also Angus Reid will eventually retire. Maybe not in 2013 but sometime soon, and the Lions have failed to address his replacement…

CFL Free Agency: BC Lions re-sign Dante Marsh & Ryan Phillips

Vancouver sports blogger Carolyn Smith reports this week the BC Lions announced they have locked up their Grey cup champion defensive backs Dante Marsh and Ryan Phillips. Familiar face within the ranks goes a long way. So one day is down in the opening day of CFL free agency. There wasn’t much news in the rest of the league, but for BC it’s almost over before it started.

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