Lessons from the Lions biggest game yet

NWSB Insider & BC Lions blogger Travis Erbacher weighs in today with a piece about what the Lions may be able to take away from their most important game of the year thus far. It was a different style of game played this time between the Leo’s and the Stampeders, but Travis would still like to see Travis Lulay open up down field a bit more often.

With 6 games down and 12 to go, here’s how B.C. stacks up

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Bryan McFarlane weighs in today with a post giving the Leo’s some grades for the first third of their 2013 season. He points out the key to the home stretch of this year for B.C. will be winning the season series versus Calgary, and then of course finishing business the way they couldn’t last November. Andrew Harris has been the offense’s rock and much needed spark thus far in the year. On D there is a lack of pressure generated up front.

Five reasons to get to the Riders vs. Leo’s game Saturday

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Phil The Bartender Slater weighs in with his Five reasons to get to the Riders vs. Leo’s game Saturday. He isn’t the biggest O-Lineman in the league but local hero and fan favourite Center Angus Reid just may be the best, and Saturday night will mark his 200th career game. The stadium will resemble an animated pumpkin patch, what more do you need Vancouver? Be there!

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