Who should start at catcher: Jesus Montero or Kelly Shoppach?

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Jeff Budke brings us a question for the ages; Shoppach, or Montero? Kelly Shoppach has been the more productive hitter between the two this year, but Montero is supposed to be the go to guy at the plate for the M’s. Shoppach is the better of the two behind the plate as well. Should Wedge make a move? We are still very early in the season, but, wins may be at stake here.

2012 Mariners Hot Stove Series Part 2: Catcher

This off-season could be a turning point in Seattle Mariners history. The moves Jack Zduriencik makes can either sink us, or makes into a winner says Insider Steve. Part 2 of the Mariners off-season hot stove. The Mariners have not been able to replace Dan Wilson’s production. Good catchers are just too hard to come by. Miguel Olivo is good but is he the answer?

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