Vancouver Canucks Birthday Presents: Alex Edler

Vancouver Canucks writer Josh Hall brings back Birthday presents with Alex Edler turning 26 on Saturday. What does one get a hulking Swedish hockey player? Cats or dogs? Framed photos? Jonathan Quick of the Los Angeles Kings even has something in store. Read on and find out.

Vancouver Canucks Birthday Presents: Roberto Luongo

Another day, another Vancouver Canucks birthday celebration! This time around, it’s Roberto Luongo, the former captain and permanent scapegoat of the blue and green turns 33 Wednesday and Josh Hall, our Canucks insider suggests a lot to soothe the mind on the inside…and outside.

Vancouver Canucks Birthday Presents: Cory Schneider

NWSB Vancouver Canucks Insider Josh Hall adds another into the Birthday Presents column as Cory Schneider celebrates his 26th this Sunday, March 18th. With Cory likely being gone from the Vancouver scene come July 1, 2012, will these birthday gifts be more like going away gifts? Hint. He seems to really love the vintage look and also mooses/meese. Check it out peeps.

Vancouver Canucks Birthday Presents: Jannik Hansen

NWSB Vancouver Canucks Insider Josh Hall continues the Birthday Presents trend onwards and upwards as Jannik Hansen celebrates his 26th B-Day this Thursday, March 15th. The Honey Badger doesn’t really care what he gets but if you are really so inclined to get him SOMETHING, get him something off this list. What are you waiting for? This is just a synopsis…click the link!

Vancouver Canucks Birthday Presents: Marc-André Gragnani

NWSB Vancouver Canucks Insider Josh Hall debuts a new column: Canucks Birthday Presents. It will be a running theme featuring the best birthday presents one can buy for each player’s birthday as they come along. First up: newly acquired D-man Marc-Andre Gragnani. What are you waiting for? This is just a synopsis…click the link!

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