Why I still believe in the Mariners Justin Smoak

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Danny Ferguson reports on why its not right to give up on Mariners underachieving Justin Smoak. Danny points out there is no doubt that he working from a base of natural strength. The guy has a real girth to his legs to be able to drive the ball he says. Can Smoak see well enough to realize his days are numbered unless there is a change? Danny says he can. He believes in Justin Smoak.

State of the Mariners – weekly notebook | June 4th

Mariners insider Danny Ferguson brings us the Weekly Seattle Mariners notebook. This week with Steve Delabar heading to Tacoma and Stephen Pryor being promoted to the big leagues. The 2012 MLB draft starts today and many are speculating as to how the M’s will use their number 3 pick. Most of the talk centers around a young Florida Gators catcher named Mike Zunino.

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