How NFL Proposed Rule Changes Could Impact The Seattle Seahawks

Final year with Seattle for Lynch in 2014?

NWSB Writer and Seattle Seahawks Insider, Brian Scott, takes a look at how proposed NFL rule changes could impact the Seattle Seahawks. Most fans, including Seattle Seahawks fans, are not big on the idea of changing rules. Fans generally see rule changes as a way the league takes something away from the game. I’m afraid this year’s proposals for rule changes are not exceptions.

Seattle Seahawks history: Top 5 draft busts

aaron curry

NWSB Insider and Seattle Seahawks Blogger Brett Bivens takes us on a trip down memory lane, recapping the five biggest draft busts in Seahawks’ history. Brian “The Boz” Bosworth, Dan McGwire, Rick Mirer, Chris McIntosh and Aaron Curry make the list. Marcus Tubbs nearly made the list as well. Let’s just hope that the Seahawks don’t add to this list for a very long time. We’ll see how Christine Michael pans out soon enough.

Five Moments in Seattle Seahawks History We’re NOT Thankful For…

Kelly Jennings

Seahawks insider Brandon Choate brings us a Thanksgiving list that everyone will wish they could forget. He brings us the top 5 moments in Seahawks history that we are NOT thankful for. Bad owners, losing teams, and bad players all make this list. Can you guess who makes the cut? Brian Bosworth, Aaron Curry, Lawrence Jackson, Ken Behring, Marcus Tubbs and more…

Scary Seattle Seahawks: Jersey numbers to haunt you this Halloween

Bill Leavy haunted the city of Seattle during Superl Bowl 40

Seahawks blogger Brandon Choate has a fun article just in time for Halloween. He breaks down the scariest jersey numbers to wear on Halloween for Seattle Seahawks, their fans or the opponents of the Seahawks. Mack Strong, Bill Leavy, Brian Bosworth, Shaun Alexander, Super Bowl XL, Ken Behring, Cortez Kennedy all make this list…

Seattle Seahawks Moments In Time: Brian Bosworth (Flop!)

Bosworth's hair was as offensive as his big mouth

Seahawks insider Brandon Choate brings us the story of ex-Seattle Seahawks linebacker Brian Bosworth who turned out to be not only one of the biggest busts in Seahawks history, but NFL history as well. He started out as an Oklahoma Sooners diva…

The Top Five DRAFT busts in Seattle Seahawks history

#2 Biggest Draft Bust - Rick Mirer QB 1993-96

Listen up Seattle Seahawks fans, we’ve got a good read here for you. Fun take by K Shell as he weighs in with his top five NFL draft busts in Seattle Seahawks history, Some noteable names include Aaron Curry, Rick Mirer, Steve Niehaus, Dan McGwire, Brian Bosworth…

The Top Five Busts In Seattle Seahawks History

The Boz - One Of The Seahawks Biggest Busts?

Listen up Seahawks fans, we’ve got a good read here for you. Fun take by Matt Larkin as he weighs in with his top five busts in Seattle Seahawks history…

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