Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Canucks betting odds and handicapping preview

NWSB Betting insider Dave B has his free NHL Betting Odds & Picks on the Columbus Blue Jackets vs. Vancouver Canucks Tuesday night matchup. The Canucks are -191 home favorites. Dave says the fact that the Canucks are winning without contributions from their best players is a very, very good sign. Van City will get Alex Edler back from suspension Tuesday night. The Jackets are miserable on the road. Play from Daniel Sedin and Henrik Sedin must improve.

Game 71 Blue Jackets vs. Canucks: Blowing Smoke

NWSB Insider & Vancouver Canucks blogger Josh Hall says the Canucks would be better served losing to the Columbus Blue Jackets. What reasons could he possibly give for this? Also, a fun little limerick about the Canucks and BJ’s since Saturday is St. Paddy’s Day. Read on oh loyal ones.

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