BC descends on Winnipeg, looking to win back to back road games

NWSB Insider and B.C. Lions’ blogger Phil “The Bartender” Slater brings us his weekly Lions matchup preview. This week BC takes on Winnipeg on the road YET again. Phil points out the BC secondary, led by Dante Marsh should just be poised and keep everything in front of them. Which is how they succeeded against the Riders. Last week Winnipeg gave up over 20 consecutive points before falling to Edmonton in overtime. No doubt they’ll be licking their wounds.

Week 9 B.C. Lions vs. Blue Bombers CFL handicapping preview

NWSB Gambling insider and BC Lions blogger Dave B weighs in on the CFL matchup in Week 9 between the B.C. Lions and Winnipeg Blue Bombers Friday August 24th 2012. Check out the preview, Live betting odds and lines, and Canadian football gambling trends. You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again – the Under should be safe in any of BC’s games. The 5 1/2 points looks like a bit of a gift as well. Joey Elliot will struggle against the insane BC defense.

Week 9 / CFL Keys: BC Lions vs. Winnipeg Blue Bombers Preview

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Phil The Bartender Slater weighs in with his Week 9 CFL preview for the BC Lions vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders from Winnipeg Manitoba. In week One of the CFL the Lions Defence feasted on two Bluebomber quarterbacks, Buck Pierce and Alex Brink. This time around all eyes will be on Winnipeg’s third QB, Joey Elliott. Andrew Harris will be busy Friday at the ‘Peg. Dante Marsh and Cauchy Muamba will be ready.

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