Losing Travis Lulay could be a good thing

NWSB Insider and BC Lions Blogger Ben Lypka breaks down why sitting Travis Lulay could be a good thing for the team. Lulay is in the midst of a slump, and allowing him to pick the brain of Buck Pierce could do him some good. In limited action against Montreal, Thomas DeMarco played well, and getting him more reps could do him good before the playoffs.

Reasons why Chapdelaine should be on the *Hot Seat*

NWSB Insider and B.C. Lions Blogger Andrew Deutschmann breaks down why this may be Jacques Chapdelaine’s last season as the team’s offensive coordinator. Deutschmann admits that the struggles of Travis Lulay aren’t all Chapdelain’s fault. However, ten years with one organization is a long time, and after a down year, he just might consider moving on to become a coach elsewhere, such as the Montreal Alouettes.

B.C. Lions Vs. Montreal Alouettes: What went wrong?

NWSB Insider and B.C. Lions’ blogger Bryan McFarlane recaps the Lions’ last contest against the Alouettes. Bryan asks what went wrong? The Lions’ defense is one of the league’s stingiest, particularly in the secondary, and although the unit forced a boatload of turnovers, the yards just continued to rack up against them. B.C. allowed an uncharacteristic 464 yards of offense on Thursday, far higher than their typical numbers. Ex-Lion Arland Bruce III had himself a great game.

B.C. Lions vs. Alouettes CFL blog: love ‘em & hate ‘em…

NWSB Insider and BC Lions blogger Phil “The Bartender” Slater brings us his Love Em & Hate Em recap from the Week 10 BC Lions vs. Montreal Alouettes match up. Chalk up a loss for the Leo’s. While Phil gave props to Tim Brown this week he must point out that the Lions O couldn’t capitalize on the returner’s success. After returns of 63 and 52 yards, the Lions were forced to settle for Paul McCallum Field Goals.

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