Portland Trail Blazers Gameday: Things to love about the Rose Garden experience

NWSB Writer Blair Thomas talks about the Rose Garden, one of the premier venues for watching professional basketball. Even though the team has not witnessed prominent success since 2000, the Rose Garden Arena still remains one of the best places to watch an NBA game, even before the game starts. Mark Mason and an environmentally friendly atmosphere truly distinguish the Rose Garden from other arenas.

Trailblazers In The News: Camby & Sabonis

Portland Trailblazers insider Matt Larkin fills us in on Marcus Camby and Arvydas Sabonis’ situations. Camby was arrested for marijuana possession while Sabonis had a heart attack and it’s time for him to start shooting and scoring in the bedroom.

Arvydas Sabonis Visits Portland After NBA Hall-of-Fame Induction

Matt Larkin weighs in with some Trailblazers NBA hoops news for Friday. 3,000 Portland Trail Blazers fans gathered in Portland’s Pioneer Courthouse Square on Thursday to honor Arvydas Sabonis…

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