CFL News: B.C. Lions re-sign receiver Paris Jackson

Vancouver sports blogger Steve Lee reports that on this week the BC Lions announced they have locked up their Grey cup champion wide receiver Paris Jackson. While figures of the extension have yet to be released, odds were high that he could have received a better offer and more prominent role with another club. A familiar face within the ranks goes a long way.

Paris Jackson – BC Lions Hometown Hero, to Zero, to Hero again?

NWSB insider Steve Lee brings us a good read today about Paris Jackson of the BC Lions. His career with the Lions has seen the highest of points and lowest of points. The questions, remains: does he have one last chance at glory?

BC Lions Arland Bruce gives the Leo’s a new attitude

Quick look at the Canadian football leagues BC Lions veteran wide receiver Arland Bruce. After eleven years in the league, no longer the young buck on the squad, and closer to the downside of his career, the addition of Arland Bruce has helped kick the butts of the other BC Lions receivers. Akeem Foster, Tim Brown, and Geroy Simon are all benefitting…
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