Potential players for Mariners after 2012 Winter Meetings

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners’ blogger Jeff Budke talks about five potential players that could soon be on the Mariners’ roster. This list includes some ideas that will probably have changed by press time, and is ignoring the Jason Bay deal to Seattle that seems imminent according to Geoff Baker of The Seattle Times. Could we be seeing Jason Hamilton, Michael Bourn, and Justin Upton coming into Sea-town as well?

My oh My! Top play of the week for the Seattle Mariners (video)

NWSB Insider and Seattle Mariners blogger Clinton Bell tells us to him the best “MY oh MY” play of the twenty-first week of the year had to be the homerun and lead saving grab by Chone Figgins. On a 90 mph fastball up in the zone, Adam Dunn got just about all of this one. Figgins tracked it to the wall, timed his leap perfectly, and nabbed the ball at the top of the wall to save the then 3-1 lead for the Mariners.

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