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The Seattle Supersonics Just Moved All Over Again

NWSB Writer, Brian Scott, shares his thoughts and draws comparisons between the Seattle Super Sonics departure from Seattle and the Rams pending departure from St. Louis– When word broke that the Rams were moving back to LA, it’s like all those Sonics emotions rose back to the surface again when I started reading letters and remarks from a remarkably loyal NFL supporters in St. Louis. The parallels in the circumstances of these two teams’ moves is truly remarkable.

1996 Western Conference Finals Video

Sonics fans rise up! A little nostalgia from the 1996 Western Conference Finals. Bring em back! “Ladies and Gentleman get on your feet for the 1996 Pacific Division Champions….YOUR SEATTLE SUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUPERSONICS!!” 1996 NBA WC Finals – Jazz @ Sonics – Game 7 – Sonics Intro The introduction of Seattle Supersonics for the deciding Game 7 of […]

Seattle Supersonics fans…check out this NBA tweet

Sonics Blast from the past! Just for nostalgia, Sonics fans…check out what the NBA tweeted out yesterday Did you miss the Glove’s Hall of fame news last week? Here’s a great video for you. Follow NWSB on our Facebook page for live 24-7-365 updates of all our Northwest Sports Teams!!

New designs of Seattle Arena are up

Sonics fans are you with us? Have you seen the newest designs of the Seattle Arena? Great read w/ some great pictures of the proposed new arena for hopefully NHL & NBA in Seattle. Sonics Arena, now dubbed Seattle Arena, redesigned yet again The Sodo arena continues to continue to evolve. Follow NWSB on […]

Gary Payton walked the talk all the way to Springfield

NWSB Insider and Seattle Supersonics’ blogger Steve Lee talks about Gary Payton, his career in Seattle and the NBA, and his recent enshrinement into the NBA Hall of Fame. With roots in Oakland, Payton dazzled the northwest at Oregon State and eventually found himself as being the No. 2 Draft Pick by the Supersonics in the 1990 NBA Draft. The rest, as they like to say, is history.

My top five Seattle Sonics memories (Part 2)

NWSB Insider and Seattle Supersonics Blogger Peter Edlund wraps up his top five moments in time for the Sonics. Edlund recaps tales told by his grandparents about the 1979 championship team. He also remembers watching the 1996 championship team, which included franchise greats Shawn Kemp and Gary Payton. The team couldn’t take down Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls, but that doesn’t stop him from adding it to the list.

My top five Seattle Sonics moments (No.5 to No. 3)

NWSB Insider and Seattle Supersonics’ blogger Peter Edlund gives us his top 5 Sonics moments in time, well 5-3 in this edition at least. A great look at a fan throughout his childhood, and the memories that he attached to each game on the list. Starting from a very young age, not knowing if it were real or not, to a high school aged Peter enjoying hearing a player get the business from his coach. Good times were definitely had by the Edlund family at the Key.
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