Toronto FC vs. Sounders FC blog: love ’em & hate ’em

A star is born

In his very first start in MLS play, striker David Estrada netted all three goals for the Seattle Sounders in their win over Toronto FC Saturday night.

This was the third hat trick in Seattle Sounders history.

A bounce back game was definitely in order Saturday night after that grueling 6-1 loss the team suffered in Mexico last Wednesday, and the team didn’t disappoint.

Team play, and control was the style the Sounders used to stymie the Toronto potent offense. And a quick counter attack against a step up back line caught Toronto off guard quite a few times.

If not for a good save, and a non penalty call, this game could’ve easily been 5-1 at the end of the 90 minutes, but a 3-1 victory is still a nice way to start the season off.

Love ’em

David Estrada

Not only did David Estrada score his very first MLS goal tonight, but he added his second and third as well. This now makes four goals on the young season for Estrada, after scoring in the first leg of the Champions League against Santos.

Estrada was everywhere tonight. It seems like the kid never tires out there. Along with the relentless attacks by Alvaro Fernandez and captain Mauro Rosales, the Sounders kept the TFC defense on its heels all night long.

Long balls

Throughout the entire game, the Sounders were trying to exploit the TFC defense while the back line stepped up to get the offsides call. Several times it worked out beautifully. Other times, the offsides flag went up.

But for the Sounders to not abandon this strategy is what won the game tonight. There were several long balls to David Estrada in the opening half hour, with the outlet passes being supplied by a number of different players.

This style of offense was a nice change to see. The counter attack was depleting the Toronto defenders of energy, and it is just exciting football to watch.

Toronto vs. Seattle

Toronto FC vs. Sounders blog: love ’em & hate ’em - (Photo - Otto Greule Jr)

Hate ’em

Non penalty call

There wasn’t too much to hate in this game actually, but the one thing that really got under my skin was the officiating. There were a number of non calls on Toronto fouls, but the biggest one was the should’ve been penalty for Rosales.

With a cross coming in from Chistian Sivebaek that deflected around off a couple of guys, Mauro Rosales went up in the air to volley the ball into the net for a sure goal.

Toronto defender Aaron Maund came in for the challenge, but didn’t play the ball at all. Instead he caught Rosales full force in the leg, sending the midfielder to the ground inside the box.

On review of the play, it clearly shows that Maund abandoned playing the ball in favor of playing the body. And inside the box, that is an automatic penalty every time. But too bad the official didn’t see it that way.

Maund playing dirty

Seattle did get redemption in the 90th minute in the form of a yellow card issued to Aaron Maund for the same kind of dirty play on Osvaldo Alonso.

Foot right to the knee. Alonso went down, and stayed down for the remainder of the game. Thank god this took place in the 4th minute of stoppage time, or the Sounders could’ve been in trouble.

Maund knocked two of our players out tonight. Both of whom were vital in the teams outcome. A yellow is dandy, but a penalty should’ve been awarded along with a yellow on the Rosales play.

A great win tonight for the boys though. Hopefully they can do the same next Friday night when they take on the Houston Dynamo on the XBOX Pitch.

That game will be seen on national TV, NBC Sports is airing it.


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