Sounders FC fan favorite Roger Levesque hangs up his boots

Farewell Roger, thanks for the last 9 years!

We watched Roger Levesque give everything on the pitch for almost a decade. On Wednesday we got to say goodbye.

It’s not often that players like Eden Hazard are overshadowed. Much less, the European Champions, Chelsea.

On Wednesday they were.

When Roger Levesque stepped onto the pitch in the 65th minute, Chelsea blue faded into the background.

For the next 25 minutes…and long after the final whistle blew…everything was about number 24 (at least in the Sounders corner of the world).

Roger gave everyone who calls themselves a Sounder fan a special moment.

In professional sports it’s rare to see someone hang up their jersey and walk off into retirement wearing your team’s colors.

Usually players move on to their next club.

When you remember them, you have to forget the times they returned to face your team wearing different colors.

We don’t have to remember Roger that way, though. He chose to leave the field wearing the Sounders crest.

We’ll look back on his time in rave green a decade from now, with nothing but joyful memories.

We’ll always remember Roger in green and blue

Roger’s ties to the Seattle Sounders run deep. You can tell when you read his farewell letter to Seattle fans.

It was this passion that endeared him to the entire city, even when his playing time drastically diminished this year.

When a player is as passionate as Roger, everyone has favorite memories of him.

Why, you ask?

Because the joy Roger showed on the pitch is contagious. He made everyone around him love the sport a little bit more.

Roger Levesque in “The Chop.” (photo

Here are 3 of my favorite memories:

Seattle’s 1st trophy – Open Cup 2009

Mr. Levesque will always hold a special place in my heart because he played a vital part in Sounders FC’s 1st trophy.

When Sebastien Le Toux played the ball across the goal, and Roger was there to hit it in, history was made.

That goal seems to epitomize so much of who Roger Levesque was as a Sounders player. You could always count on him to give everything on the pitch, and almost all of his 6 goals were memorable.

On a team featuring Freddie Ljungberg, a young Fredy Montero, and a still productive Nate Jaqua, it was none of them who hit home the winning goal.

Roger, the hardworking USL Sounder carryover, brought home Seattle’s 1st piece of silverware.


48 seconds

Everyone loves this one. What’s not to love.

In the 2009 U.S. Open Cup in Portland, Roger cemented his place as one of the players Timbers fans hate most by scoring against them in just 48 seconds.

When Nate Jaqua chopped him down like a tree afterwards, it was the most sublime snub to a silenced Timbers fanbase.

It will forever stick in my mind.

Joyful, funny, always thankful

My last memory of Roger isn’t of one particular moment, but of his entire career.

He was the kind of player I could identify with, a player who seemed like the exact kind of person I would grab a few beers with after work.

Levesque always seemed like he was in awe of the fact that he got to play in front of 36,000 fans.

He never lost his sense of humor.

He never took himself too seriously.

He always came out to talk and joke with fans…and of course, sign some autographs.

A kind of player like Roger is special, and we never have to remember him as anything other than a Sounder.

Thank you for 9 great years Roger.

Here is another of Roger’s famous goal celebrations, “The Scuba Drop.”


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